Redistricting Autobound

AutoBound EDGE is the premier redistricting application developed by Citygate GIS. The product has been in use for more than 20 years and is the most widely used redistricting system in North America. AutoBound has been used in nearly 40 states for creating Congressional and Legislative districts. AutoBound was also used by Election's Canada for country wide Federal redistricting after the Canadian Census of 2001 and 2011. Autobound is based on ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software.

EDGE the most advanced redistricting product we have ever developed. It will include on the fly data analytics, full encryption and enhanced reporting. To learn more sign up to receive our email updates.


Citygate provides the web portals for support of Bus routing and school planning. is the first true web based school bus routing and schools planning portal. The website allows users to upload facilities and student addresses, then use the system's tools to create optimized bus routes and redistricting plans. There is no need for desktop software or data. The system's online tools allow creation of school boundaries and acceptance of public comments through a Google Map based interface.

Project Prioritization

iOpenGov is a suite of web tools which facilitate collaborative decision making in for project prioritization for government and large organizations. The system is developed using standard web technologies including HTML 5, Javascript, PHP and CSS to allow for cross platform and mobile compatibility. The iOpenGov includes iOpenDecision - collaborative decision support system, iOpenProcure - Web based system for management complex procurement projects and iOpenEngage - Web based tools for public engagement and comment. The tools in iOpenGov can be accessed either through a monthly subscription service or installation of the software internally on a client’s server.

Conflation ConfleX

ConfleX is the first of its kind automated conflation system which is based on an intelligent statistical best match rather than the traditional rubber sheeting process. ConfleX is completely automated and can work on large data sets without the need for any human intervention. ConfleX is available as an ArcGIS Extension or as a standalone application.

Emergency Response EMAPS

E-MAPS is a computer based emergency management and planning tool designed for use by Homeland Security Planners, Emergency Managers and EOC personnel. The software is designed to provide users with easy to navigate tools for emergency planning, event management and emergency response.