Computer Aided Emergency Management and Planning

E-MAPS is a computer based emergency management and planning tool designed for use by Homeland Security Planners, Emergency Managers and EOC personnel. The software is designed to provide users with easy to navigate tools for emergency planning, event management and emergency response.

E-MAPS can be used in the following applications:

  • Emergency Response - E-MAPS provides incident management, mapping, responder coordination tools and plume modeling for use during an emergency event.
  • Transportation Management - Evacuation Routes, Road Closure Optimization and Detour Management tools enable transportation and traffic management personnel to both plan for and respond to emergency events.
  • Homeland Security Planning - E-MAPS allows the user to create emergency events in a computer model, visualize their impact and design and evaluate response options.
  • E-911 Mapping - E-MAPS includes capability for geocoding and displaying on a map point events required for E-911 applications.
  • Search and Rescue - E-MAPS provides support for search and rescue operations through 5 prebuilt search patterns, travel rings and the ability to display satellite and aerial photography as back drops.
  • Criminal Investigation - The Investigative Analysis module within E-MAPS provides the ability to link events by time, perform proximity searches on sex offender databases and visualize incidents on a map.

E-MAPS 3 is the latest version of E-MAPS. This version provides significant enhancements to the capbilites in version 2.

The following is an outline of the major new functionality added to version 3:

  • New Scenario Planning Tool - The Scenario planning tool allows organization and managment of Emergency Plans.
  • Web/PDA Interface - New XML output tools allow immedeate uploate of Emergency Event information to the Internet for display on Web and PDA/Cell phone clients.
  • E-MAIL output - E-MAPS can now output a variety of information such as maps, reports, events and export files, directly to an E-MAIL Server.
  • Redesigned Interface - The E-MAPS interface has been simplified and improved using clearer menus and icons.
  • Event Timer - A new 12/24 hour event timer clock has been added to display event times.
  • Improved Evacutation Tools - Evacuation Route tools have been improved to better display the location of created Routes.
  • Improved Reporting - Reports have been improved to include detailed graphics with more specific instructions.
  • Improved Markup Tools - New map markup tools have been added to allow for improved public and agency presentations.
  • Summarized Emergency - The Summary tool provides a quick summary of all events in an emergency.
  • Improved Contact Managment - The contact managment tool has been redesigned to provided easier input and search capability.
  • New Emergency Event types - Several new emergency event types used for Police Investigation have been added.
  • Improved Map Display - The E-MAPS, map display has been improved with a new clearer icon set and road labeling.
  • General Performance Improvement - The software has been updated to provide improved response time in many of its analysis processes.

Product History

E-MAPS was created by Citygate GIS during the DC Sniper Investigation to allow Law Enforcement personnel to quickly locate incidents and generate optimized road closure plans. The software was freely distributed to all response agencies involved in the investigation. After the capture of the suspects, a number of the agencies using the software suggested its commercialization as a decision support and computer aided emergency management tool.

E-MAPS is the result of over 3 years of research and development, focused on providing Emergency responders and Homeland Security Planners with a decision support and computer aided emergency management and planning tool.


E-MAPS is designed to provide the Emergency Managers and First Responders with the tools required to Plan, direct resources and communicate information to other agencies and the public during an emergency event.

The following provide a detail list of the software's functions and capabilities:

  • Market Demographics
  • Facility Planning
  • Logistics and Routing
  • Territory Alignment
  • Internet Store Locators


E-MAPS White Paper (.pdf)

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