Washington Suburban Sanitary Commision (WSSC), Maryland
Water and sewer GIS database development services
4 Years
Project Cost:
ESRI Arc/Info

Project Description:

Project involved a complete review of manual mapping procedures. This process included performing interviews with WSSC staff responsible for development and maintenance of existing hardcopy map products, internal and external user of the hardcopy maps and a review of the content of various map products. Then next phase of the project involved the development a database structure which would support WSSC’s planned applications and the development of various cartographic products required. During this phase, a pilot project was performed to test the database design and begin the development of the conversion process.

During the initial phases of the conversion process, WSSC personnel were uncertain whether the actual conversion process would be done in-house or contract to an outside vendor. This uncertainty in combination with the complexity of the Water and Sewer maps required the development of a comprehensive set of methodologies for the conversion of the hard copy maps to digital format. Additionally, a specifications document outlining standard for every intermediate and final product was also required. The specifications document in conjunction with the procedures manual would have formed the basis for an RFP, should the commission had elected to contract out the conversion process.

During this time, WSSC was approached by a consulting firm which proposed to perform the conversion project at WSSC site using recently graduated minority students from WSSC’s service area. This proposal was both cost effective and politically appealing. With the plan for in house conversion, Citygate was contracted to develop a comprehensive suite of application used for the conversion of over 1900 200’ Water and Sewer maps. Citygate was also contracted to provide quality control and to assist the conversion personnel when necessary.