Ski Industries of America
Ski Equipment Sales Analysis Software
6 Months
Project Cost:
Ski Equipment Manufacturers throughout North America

Project Description:

The Ski Industries of America (SIA) is in industry organization representing the manufactures of Ski and Snow Sport equipment in North America. As a part of it member support services SIA contracted with Citygate to develop a sales analysis tool which would provide its members with the ability to analyze their sales figures against national averages and identify potential marketing opportunities.

Citygate developed a system for analysis of sales potential of Ski equipment and apparel throughout the united states. The software was designed to be easy to install and user friendly, provide information in a concise and easy to understand format. Mapping tools allowed each manufacturer to customize the system with their own sales territories and past sales figures. The systems then compared their sales with various regional factors such as number of average ski days, the number of skiers in the area and national sales figures and provided the user with a performance indicator.